Practice and Education: Action Research on Exploring the Model of Elderly Support for the Rural Community

This project is the practice of Tibet University for Nationalities in cooperation with Shaanxi Chang'an Social Work Development Center to explore the model of elderly support for the rural community in the Shanyang area of Shaanxi. It aims to strengthen practical ability of the students of social work major in Tibet University for Nationalities and enhance their professional identity through social work practice in rural areas. In addition, through this project, social work teachers can imply front practical guidance in-depth so that they can increase their practical ability and enrich their classroom teaching case. At the same time, the diversification of social work practice methods and models can be explored through action research.

Objectives :
  • To foster students' practical ability in social work
  • To train social work teachers in practice and supervision ability, so as to achieve the improvement of classroom teaching effect, and the formation of the organic integration of practice and teaching.
  • To motivate student’s reflect on their own actions in practice and sum up their experience through practice and participatory education.
  • To explore the improvement of the social work professional practice education through the action research of this practice teaching.

The students of social work major in Tibet University for Nationalities guide the other students to experience and practice in the rural areas, and ultimately determine the 8 to 10 of them who are truly interested in the relevant area. The group of rural social work will be composited with these selected students and 5 professional teachers.

  • Assisting in community-based activities
  • Assisting in the provision of services for the elderly 
  • Facilitating the building of community organizations
  • Organizing the activities for the development of livelihood activities