Youth, Agriculture and Social Economy ----- The Practice Research Plan from Zhengyang Ecological Farm

In recent years, people’s awareness on food safety has raised because of the food safety incidents. Meanwhile, food safety is directly related to the health of youth. Therefore, with the support of Li & Fung Foundation, this project started in 2015, attempts to encourage the youth as city consumers to participate the agricultural development, so as to build up the economic system linking up there aspects, including youth, agriculture and agricultural consumer, and develop new service provided by youth in agriculture.


This project is carried out in Zhengyang Ecological Farm (Wangshishan Village, Miao Town, Huairou District, Beijing), which applies the methodology of action research, and emphasizes the interaction between research and participants, so that the research can be developed with the strengths and resources of each sides.

  • “The Farming Experience Service for Little Landowners” (Elementary Farming Experience Service) 
  • “The Farming Experience Service for Little Agronomists” (Advanced Farming Experience Service) 
  • Agricultural Education
  • Participatory Observation and Interview

  • To provide an opportunity for the youth in city to experience and patriciate in the activities of agricultural production.
  • To nurture the talents on the activities of agricultural production.
  • To increase the understanding of city consumers on agricultural production. 
  • To understanding youths’ thought and change on participating agriculture.