Action Research Project to Promote the Community Economy of Peasant-Change-Residents in Beijing

Generally speaking, community refers to a socio-economic community constituted by residents in a certain range of area composing of a variety of social relations and social groups, and engaging in various economic activities. There were many researches on community economy in the past, but relatively few studies on the economy of peasant-change-residents have been accomplished. With the support of Li & Fung Foundation, this project targets at Jingwang homes, Cuigezhuang Rural, Chaoyang District, Beijing, and researches into the promotion and development of the economy of peasant-change-residents.


This Project applies practice-oriented and criticism-oriented methodology, which emphasizes on practice. That means scholars and social workers can conclude the practical method of promoting community economy though seeking the combination of theory and practice from their daily working record. On the other hand, this project responds to and changes the unreasonable social status by taking action to help the disadvantaged groups in the community ----- the disabled ----- to organize their participation in community economic projects, increase their income and employment opportunities, and integrate them into the community.

  • Mutual Assistance Group for the Disabled
  • Organic Agriculture and Horticulture Cooperatives
  • Community Mutual Assistance Service
  • Fair Trade between Urban and Rural Areas

  • To explore the necessity and feasibility of promoting the community economy for peasant-change-residents. 
  • To explore the process, method, difficulty and solution of community economy. 
  • To explore the impact and role of community-based economy on communities of peasant-change-residents.