Peking University - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Social Work Research Centre

Mission and Aims

Peking University - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Social Work Research Centre as jointly established by the Peking University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University . Its mission is to explore alternative and sustainable development paths in China beyond the limitations of planned economy and market economy. With solid research in social development and social policy research, the Centre serves as an international hub to connect social workers and social policy makers from mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas. By adopting the method of action/practice research, the Centre also endeavors to promote the integration of social work theory and practice in order to actualize the social work indigenization and professionalization in China.

Activities at Peking University - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Social Work Research Centre:

  • China Journal of Social Work: A peer-reviewed international academic journal devoted to issues and debates relevant to social work theory and practice, social work education, social development, and social policy in China.
  • Lam Woo Social Work Fund: The Fund was set up to meet the growing demands for social work training in the Chinese Mainland. It provides support for seminars, workshops, overseas exchange tours and awards distinguished achievements in social work in mainland China.
  • Li & Fung China Social Policy Research Fund: It aims to promote and consolidate social policy research and foster the development of future social work and social policy professionals and practitioners in mainland China. It focuses on three major research areas (1) Globalization, Migration and Labour; (2) Solidarity Economy, Cooperatives and Social Enterprises in International Context; (3) Social Policy and Social Change.
  • Keswick Foundation: Focuses on the social work practice reseach, teaching social work professionals and sustainability of social work services.
  • IASSW-CSWE The China-United States Social Work Education Collabortive: Launched in 2012, the "Collaborative" linked seven US schools of social work with seven anchor Chinese institutions and gave them free reign to develop the kind of partnership that made sense to each pair. Committing to a five-year relationship that included faculty, staff and student exchanges; mentoring and consultation; research infrastructure building; curriculum development; and more, these partnerships followed good social work practice by “starting where (the program) is.” Download the Final Report of the Evaluation with Citation: Cohen, C.S., Lawrence, S., & Chan, Yuk-chung (2017). External Evaluation Report and Appendices of the China-United States Social Work Collaborative. International Association of Schools of Social Work.
  • Summer Institute: From 2006 to 2010, the PolyU-PekingU Research Centre organized four thematic summer institutes in collaboration with the George Warren Brown School of Social work at Washington University in St. Louis in the US and the Department of Sociology at the Peking University to provide a platform for exchange among social work scholars from mainland China and the oversea. The thematic focus at the institute includes aging, social development, mental health and rural social work.

Research Projects:

Migrant Labour
  • Protecting Migrant Workers' Labour Rights and Labour Relations in the Process of Social Reform
  • The Political Space for New Generation of Migrant Workers under the Process of Urban-Rural Unification
  • The Challenge of New Generation of Migrant Workers and Development under the ‘World Factory’ Model
  • Policy Research in the Changes of the labour system and labour dispatch
  • Social support for migrant children school
  • The Living Condition of Second-Generation of Migrant Workers: From the perspective of Class and Civil Rights
  • Corporate Social Work and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSW-CSR)
Rural Social Work
  • Urban and rural cooperational promotion of  fair trade and rural social work
  • Social work intervention strategies in rural community development
  • Urbanization and Farmers’ Livelihood Strategies
  • Sociological study of the farmers' professional cooperatives
Children, Youth and Families
  • Identification of new family model that emerge during the migration process
  • “Y.E.S” Youth Social Work Research Project
  • Investigation of how family dynamics operate in various family model
  • The study of the relationship between family dynamics and migrant adaptation
  • Practice and Reflection of Chinese model of Family Social Work
Social Work Education
  • A Study on the Re-emergence of Social Work and Social Work Education in mainland China amid Tensions and Opportunities
  • Social work resources research in Beijing
  • Oral History of the development of Social Work Education in the Mainland China

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