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The China Research and Development Network (CRDN) is a research unit of the Department of Applied Social Sciences at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In 2005, CRDN was established in light of the rapid social and cultural transformations in the post-reform mainland China, to respond to its growing demands for professional social welfare services and the urgent need for developing indigenous social work theories and practice models. The objective of CRDN is becoming the academic centre in China's social development, social policy, social work research and practice with leading position. Since its inception, the CRDN has continuously strived to provide outstanding education and training to mainland Chinese social work practitioners, while engaging in rigorous research as well as participating in some special projects. To date, CRDN has established three research centers in collaboration with Peking University, Yunnan University and Sun Yat-sen University with the aim of further cultivating  our activities and research in mainland China.

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  • 30th Anniversary of the Re-establishment of Social Work in China and in Peking University (Nov 1-2, 2018)


    You are cordially invited to attend the following symposium, and you are welcome to extend the invitation to friends who are interested in attending. Contact China Research and Development Network / Betty Poon at bettykw.poon@polyu.edu.hk for inquiry.

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    一、会议时间: 2018年11月1日 - 2日
    二、会议地点: 北京大学英杰交流中心(11月1日)
    三、合办单位: 北京大学社会学系
    四、赞助单位: 择善基金会(香港)

    邮箱: chinaswrc@163.com

  • CRDN Research Symposium - Series 16 - Agrarian Change and Challenges for Food Security: A food Sovereignty Perspective - Dr. Hairong Yan (20 Nov 2018)


    Research Symposium - Series 16
    Agrarian Change and Challenges for Food Security: A food Sovereignty Perspective
    Nov 20th, 2018
    4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
    Venue: PolyU campus

    Dr. Hairong Yan
    Assosicate Professor
    Department of Applied Social Science
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    Based at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, YAN Hairong’s intellectual interests include labor, gender, rurality, rural-urban relations, and collective and cooperative rural economy. Her earlier research focused on rural-to-urban migrant domestic workers in urban China. She thus examined the transformation in rural-urban relations, gender relations and class relations in China’s reform process. She is the author of New Masters, New Servants: Migration, Development, and Women Workers in China (Duke University Press, 2008. In recent years, she has become concerned with food security, food sovereignty and agrarian change in China. She is on International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES) and contributes to the food sovereignty network in China.

    Chinese government’s policy towards de-peasantization began in the early years of the rural reform. In recent years, cooperatives, family farms and dragon-head enterprises are emerging as new subjects of agriculture in China and are being promoted by the Chinese government as engines of agricultural development. Based on national level data and case studies, I will examine the characteristics of agrarian dynamics in China and how they undermine food security. I will also discuss the recent “rural revitalization” strategy proposed by the Chinese central government. From a food sovereignty perspective, this talk will also share contending discourses and alternative practices in China.

    For Details:
    Betty Poon
    3400 3016
    URL FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION : https://www.polyu.edu.hk/mysurvey/index.php/431217?lang=en