Children & Family Resilience Centres Network in Northwest China

This project is kindly supported by Queen Anne’s Gate Foundation with the objectives to explore and provide social services in response to the unique needs of ethnic families. Two centres were built in Qinghai and Xinjiang respectively. 

Qinghai Yushu Joint Social Work Station

After 18 months of the earthquake hit, the Yushu County has moved to a new stage: community rebuilding, which incluedes houses and facilities, but also the family and community network. Kan Da (甘达) Village with 1032 population of 242 Tibetan families with primary school education level on average was chosen as the base to build a Yushu Joint Social Work Station and house a working team made up of social work educators, researchers, social work students, social activitists .

This project has the following objectives:

  • To serve the Kan Da community, assist the villagers to resettle in their new homes and rebuild their farming industries and social network.
  • To nurture local leadership and social services personnel in order to build a harmonious, inclusive and culturally sensitive community in rural north-west area of the mainland China.
  • To explore and develop the social service models to response and meet the unique needs of people living in rural north-west area of the mainland China.

Partners: Qinghai Normal University and the Qinghai Ze De Urban and Rural community Centre (a local NGO founded by the Social Work teaching staff of Qinghai Normal University)

Programmes delivered: community rebuilding service (homes, economy, environment and community), student internship (support teaching in local primary school), volunteer training for local leaders, youths and academic research

Xinjiang Wulumuqi Community Centre

This project is the first attempt to launch social work operations that target children in a community of multi-ethnic groups in Xinjiang. We aim to encourage interactions among families of different ethnic groups through making an impact on children. The project lasts for three years, and in the first 18 months we mainly help children develop social skills and consciousness of children’s rights. Besides this, we also have the goal to nurture social students to be volunteers who participate in children education programs within the community, and to finally establish an internship site for researching social work practice models.

The project has following objectives:

  • To develop the social skills of children.
  • To develop the children’s consciousness on human rights – children’s rights.
  • To encourage children’s interactions with different ethnic children.
  • To encourage interactions among families of different ethnicities through teaching children.
  • To experiment the practice models on assisting the children of ethnicities other than Han.
  • To initiate indigenous ethnic social work in the Chinese cultural context
Partners: Xinjiang University and the Department of Civil Affairs of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Programme delivered: two children groups, two community programmes, volunteer training for the university students and a training course for the community workers.
Upcoming projects: community development programme; training for volunteers and community workers; group cooperation; and study and research.