The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme 2016

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme 2016 (Deadline for sending the supported proposals to RO: 6 December 2016)

he 3rd call for applications to the Scheme with details are as follows:

I. Application Procedures

1. Please read the fact sheet of the Scheme (Attachment 1) and the Flowchart with important dates (Attachment 5) carefully.

2. Each application should contain the following documents:

(i) Application Form HR7A (Attachment 2) – To be completed by the Postdoctoral Fellow (PDF) applicant.
(ii) Proposal Form RC/PDF (Attachment 3) – To be jointly completed by the PI and the PDF applicant.
(iii) Interview Report Form RC/14 (Attachment 4) – In line with the procedures for the appointment of research personnel, an interview panel consisting of at least two academic staff members is required. The Interview Panel should state the recommended monthly salary for the PDF candidate in the Interview Report Form. The recommended monthly salary should be the same as that proposed in the above Proposal Form RC/PDF.
(iv) A 2-page CV of the PI and each team member
(v) CV of the PDF applicant

3. Applications should be submitted via DRC to FRC. DRCs and FRCs are requested to work out mutually agreeable deadlines by which proposals should be submitted to them for endorsement and prioritisation. For SD and SHTM, applications should be submitted to the DRC by a date to be specified by the DRC. To facilitate the discussion of the Selection Panel, FRCs/DRCs are requested to check and assess the applications to ensure that all the required information are provided adequately and accurately.

4. Each Faculty can submit up to 12 proposals and each School up to 4, together with the “Faculty/School Application Summary” Form (Attachment 6 or 7), to the RO by 30 December 2016 for the consideration of the Selection Panel.

5. Applications with missed and/or inaccurate information would not be considered by the Selection Panel.

6. Successful PIs will be notified of the results by the RO in February 2017. HRO will issue letters of appointment to the successful PDFs. The successful PDFs should commence their appointment at PolyU within six months of the award of the fellowships, i.e., by 31 August 2017.

II. Enquiries

If you have any enquiries, please contact Tina Yeung (tel: 3400 8408 / email: or Ivy Chau (tel: 3400 3637 / email:

Attachment 1_Fact sheet on PolyU PDF Scheme.pdf

Attachment 2_hrform7a.doc

Attachment 3_Form RC-PDF_Nov2016.doc

Attachment 4_Formrc14.doc

Attachment 5_Flowchart.pdf