新聞發佈: 云南大學社会工作研究研讨:城市化、流动和社会工作服务 (14 Apr 2018)



Supported by Li & Fung China Social Policy Research Fund, the Social Work Research Seminar on Urbanization, Migration and Social Work Service co-organized by China Research and Development Network, APSS and the School of Ethnology and Sociology, Yunnan University was being held successfully at Yunnan University on April 14, 2018.

Prof. Daniel W.L. Lai, Head of Department of Applied Social Sciences delivered an opening remarks, sharing with the delegates the basic and yet one of the most important values of social work practice, the city needs to change its attitude to accommodate the migration when bias and injustice are reflected in the migration and urbanization process.

Dr. Juan Chen presented on the plenary, title “Urbanization in China: Regional Variations and Policy Orientations” followed by Dr. Anita Koo on “Made in China 2015: Vocational Education and the New Generation of Chinese Workers”. Dr. Jenny Chan continued on the topic “Maintaining Growth by Law? Labor Legislation and its Limits”, and Dr. Kaxton Siu shared about his research on “Family and Migration among Factory Workers in China and Vietnam”. Dr. Qiaobing Wu presented her study on “Experiences of Migration, Family Contexts and the Psychological Well-being of Children in China”, and Dr. Jessica Li shared her findings on “Work Stress and Engagement among Hong Kong Police Officers”.

Dr. Rong Xiang from Yunnan University shared with the delegates the Social Work Theory and Practices in the context of Social Migration in the Mainland. Different topics on Social Exclusion and Intervention, Social Work Policy Advocacy on Migrants, Anti-Family Violence, Elderly Services and Social Practices on Migrant Workers were also presented by local researchers, delegates from Yunnan Heart to Heart Community Care Service Centre and experienced social workers from various organizations.

Last but not the least, Dr. Hok Bun Ku led the delegates into an inspiring discussion and exchange of thoughts and ideas on how research and practices could be mutually benefited in enhancing innovative social services in response to the needs of the migrant communities.

The event has drawn the attention of a group of mainland researchers and social work practitioners in Yunnan, and it has been a fruitful trip for the team of APSS faculty members to have a deeper understanding of the social service and migrant communities in Kunming for strengthening future endeavors in different research areas.