“House of Dreams” won the Grand Prize of “3rd Human City Design Award”

The Network is pleased to announce that our project “House of Dreams” has been presented the Grand Prize out of 100 international entries by the 3rd Human City Design Award, organised by the Seoul City Municipal Government, Seoul Design Foundation, and UNSECO. The “House of Dreams” serves as a community centre in Zhoushan village, Dengfeng, China. As a co-creation project, its planning, design, and construction combined the contributions of over 80 Zhoushan villagers, whose ancestors once inhabited the 19 caves now revitalized and reconstructed into the centre. Residents from 100 villages in the vicinity collected household wastes to use as building materials, embedding their memories into the walls and floors.
The jury, represented by Professor Rachel Troye from Norway, praised “House of Dreams” for its “unique participatory approach,” which sets a “very good example for many other urban and rural areas.”

3rd Human City Design Award- Grand Prize:

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