[Interview] Dr Jenny Chan speaks on gig manufacturing (Sixth Tone, by Peiyue Wu, 7 Mar 2023)

In a Chinese Factory Town, Migrants ‘Lie Flat’ for a Better Deal

Written by Wu Peiyue
Edited by Dominic Morgan

Sixth Tone

07 Mar 2023

…“While they [gig migrant-workers] desperately search for something worthy of their labor time and effort, they don’t have access to basic social security benefits,” says Jenny Chan, an associate professor of sociology at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. “It’s frustrating even when the local economy is slowly starting to revitalize.”

Associate Professor Dr Jenny Chan from Hong Kong Polytechnic University shares her take on the situation of garment factories in Guangdong, China after the pandemic transformed the attitude and lifestyle of migrant workers.

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