Victor and William Fung Project

The Li and Fung China Social Policy Research Fund

The Background

With the support of Victor and William Fung Foundation Limited, “The Li and Fung China Social Policy Research Fund” launched in 2008. Its aim is to conduct policy study and practice research, which leads to policy recommendation to the Chinese government.

To develop a more focused research agenda, the second phase (2014-2019) of “The Li and Fung China Social Policy Research Fund” set forth to study a leading theme of Social Policy and Social Economy with the synthetization of three significant research areas:

(1) Globalization, Migration and Labour
(2) Solidarity Economy, Cooperatives and Social Enterprises in International Context
(3) Social Policy and Social Change

Project Goals

The project would strengthen the platform networking with scholars, government ministries, training institutions and NGOs within and outside of Chinese mainland.

The social work and social policy researches conducted is nationwide, leading to policy advocacy on a larger scale.

Practicum sites developed for piloting social economy models in rural and urban China serve as the learning bases for social policy educators and social work professionals.

Dissemination of research findings globally through academic publications, journals and international conferences.

The Impacts

The impacts of the project and the research disseminations are astonish and extensive. It greatly enhances our knowledge and understanding of various development issues in China, and continues to contribute to the formation of policies in response to the issues.

Below are some of the major achievements.

  Submitted 10 policy proposals to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (全国政协) and the Beijing City’s Political Consultative Conference (北京市政协).

  Launched a nationwide survey in response to the National New-Type Urbanization Plan (2014–2020) by the Central Government.

  Established 7 practicum sites committed to the development of social economy model.

  Received the Golden Prize of Voluntary Services (志愿服务项目大赛) for a service project in Hangzhou in a competition that organized by Zhejiang League Committee (浙江省团省委) in 2018

  Organized over 20 nationwide and international conferences, forums and policy summits, reaching more than 2100 scholars, social work practitioners and educators on-site, and more than 37000 participants on-line.

  Published over 38 academic books, journals and articles; and presented more than 27 keynote speeches and research papers.

  Received substantial media coverage on project related issues


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