About Us

The China and Global Development Network (CGDN) is one of the centres in the Department of Applied Social Sciences at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. CGDN (previously China Research and Development Network) was established in 2005 in light of the rapid social transformations of Mainland China in the post-reform era, to meet the urgent need for developing indigenous social work theories and practice models in response to the growing demand for professional social service. The Network was renamed CGDN in June 2021 to facilitate international partnership in social work and global social development, in view of the opportunities and challenges presented by the new geopolitical context.

The objective of CGDN is to become a leading academic centre for social development, social policy, and social work research and practice in Mainland China and the world. CGDN has been striving to provide outstanding capacity building programmes and engage in rigorous research with the Mainland China social work community. We have also extended our network to other countries along the New Silk Road to promote regional and international partnership in social work education, practice and research. To date, CGDN has facilitated: in Mainland China, the establishment of the Peking University-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Social Work Research Centre and the Yunnan University-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Design and Social Development Centre; globally, the collaboration with universities and social welfare agencies in Israel, Kazakhstan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Our Missions

  • To understand the needs of local communities amidst the rapid cultural and social transformations in Mainland China and the world;
  • To accumulate indigenous social work knowledge and develop social work practice and intervention models that are suited to local contexts;
  • To influence social policy formulation and social service development in Mainland China and the world based on solid research and practices;
  • To develop a vibrant network that supports research and educational programs in Mainland China and other countries along the New Silk Road;
  • To facilitate continuous professional exchange among students, graduates, teachers and related practitioners from Mainland China and the other Silk Road countries;

Our Works

Our projects are located in more than 19 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in Mainland China. Since 2016, we have also extended our social work training and projects to countries like Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Thailand. Since 2018, projects on social and solidarity economy have been extended from Mainland China to Taiwan and Thailand.

Projects and Training in Asia

  • Roundtable on promoting international partnership for social work development (Peking University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem &The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • International Social Work Education and Development in Kazakhstan and Vietnam
  • Social Work capacity-building programs in Vietnam
  • Integrated Food Security and Forest Fire Protection Project for Leadership Home Children in Chiangmai
  • Creating a friendly school for students in Hanoi
  • Green library integrating community culture project in the rural area of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Supporting Drug Users Through Social Work Group Education Activities in Hanoi