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Mission and Aims

The China Social Work Research Centre is a joint initiative established by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Peking University on 11 March 2010. It aims to foster the integration of social work theory and practice, thus to indigenize and professionalize social work, and ultimately make contributions to social problem solving and to the social development at large. The Centre also devotes to build a team of highly trained social work and social policy research professionals, who are committed to the social change of the Mainland China (China) in a long term.

The Centre adopts inter-disciplinary approach to probe into the theory and practice in the areas of economy and social development; as well as social policy and social work professionalization in the post-reform era China. The Centre applies research to inform practice and teaching; and to facilitate continuous professional exchange among students, graduates, scholars and related profession to sustain development and capacity building. For rousing the development of social work in China, the Centre partners with the government, educational institutes as well as relevant organizations to organize high standard training, research seminars, and conferences on social service management, social work education and social work practice.

To impact social development worldwide, the Centre endeavours to serve as an international exchange platform fostering intercontinental collaborations in social work, social policy, social development and other related areas.


Team Members

Co-Directors:          Dr Ku Hok-bun, Ben
                               Prof. Ma Fengzhi
Deputy Director:     Dr Deng Suo

Members:               Prof. Chui Wing-hong, Eric
                               Prof. Chen Juan
                               Dr Wu Qiaobing
                               Prof. Angelina Yuen
                               Prof. Liu Neng
                               Prof. Zhou Feizhou
                               Prof. Wang Sibin
Executive Director: Ms Yip Sui-kan, Kan
Office Manager:      Ms Yang Jie


Our Partnerships and Major Academic Activities:

China Journal of Social Work - A peer-reviewed international academic journal

The Journal devotes to issues and debates relevant to social work theory and practice, social work education, social development, and social policy in China.

International Social Work Education Alliance (International Association of Schools of Social Work, referred IASSW) is the global social work education and research in the academic community, but also the academic advisory body to the United Nations. The alliance aims to promote social development throughout the world the work of education to improve the quality of social work education, and encourage international exchanges, and through policy and advocacy activities to promote human rights and social development. March 11, 2016, the International League of Social Work Greater China and Southeast Regional Resource Center opening ceremony was held in Yingjie center, marking the Peking University – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Social Work Research Center officially became the Regional Resource Center in Mainland China to provide a good platform to promote social work development.

Keswick Foundation - Social Work Education, Theory and Practice Research
The support by Keswick Foundation has been significant. The firstly launch Master of Social Work (China) programme has equipped educators and practitioners to lead and spearhead the development of social work education and practice in China. With Keswick Foundation’s continuous support, the Centre persists to develop indigenous social work approaches which are culturally sensitive and grounded on practice. The main themes of the studies and researches comprise the theory and practice on social work education; children, youth and family; rural social work; migrant workers; and some current issues, such as social enterprise, solidarity economy, mental health, etc.

Lam Woo Social Work Fund - Training, Visit and Awards
The Fund was set up to meet with the growing demands for social work training in Mainland China. It supports national conferences; overseas exchange programmes and provides incentives for professional development through the establishment of awards and scholarships.

Li & Fung China Social Policy Research Fund
With generous support from the Victor & William Fung Foundation, the Li & Fung China Social Policy Research Fund was established to foster social development and social harmony in China. The Fund supports the Centre to develop as a major policy research hub linking up scholars from Hong Kong, overseas and the Mainland. Through training workshops and projects, the Centre consolidates and advances social policy research purposely to make impact on social policy formulation and social systems change. It focuses on three major research areas (1) Globalization, Migration and Labour; (2) Solidarity Economy, Cooperatives and Social Enterprises in International Context; (3) Social Policy and Social Change.

Sishan Fund – Academic Research and International Collaboration
Siyuan Foundation and Zeshan Foundation are foundations in Hong Kong and have been supporting various educational programmes in HK and Mainland. To facilitate the academic development of social work programme of Peking University, Sishan Fund was formed to mobilize the social work education, academic research, visiting scholars, and international collaborations activities.

Summer Institute
From 2006 to 2010, the Centre organized four thematic summer institutes in collaboration with the George Warren Brown School of Social work at Washington University in St. Louis in the US and the Department of Sociology at the Peking University to provide a platform for exchange among social work scholars from mainland China and the oversea. The thematic focus at the institute includes aging, social development, mental health and rural social work.

Research Projects:

Migrant Labour
  • Protecting Migrant Workers' Labour Rights and Labour Relations in the Process of Social Reform
  • The Political Space for New Generation of Migrant Workers under the Process of Urban-Rural Unification
  • The Challenge of New Generation of Migrant Workers and Development under the ‘World Factory’ Model
  • Policy Research in the Changes of the labour system and labour dispatch
  • Social support for migrant children school
  • The Living Condition of Second-Generation of Migrant Workers: From the perspective of Class and Civil Rights
  • Corporate Social Work and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSW-CSR)
Rural Social Work
  • Urban and rural cooperational promotion of  fair trade and rural social work
  • Social work intervention strategies in rural community development
  • Urbanization and Farmers’ Livelihood Strategies
  • Sociological study of the farmers' professional cooperatives
Children, Youth and Families
  • Identification of new family model that emerge during the migration process
  • “Y.E.S” Youth Social Work Research Project
  • Investigation of how family dynamics operate in various family model
  • The study of the relationship between family dynamics and migrant adaptation
  • Practice and Reflection of Chinese model of Family Social Work
Social Work Education
  • A Study on the Re-emergence of Social Work and Social Work Education in mainland China amid Tensions and Opportunities
  • Social work resources research in Beijing
  • Oral History of the development of Social Work Education in the Mainland China

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