Keswick Foundation Project

 Asset-based Community Development of Migrant-Local Community Project
with Yunnan H2H Community Care Service Centre (2016-2021)

Migrant labours in Wangjiaqiao, Kunming (waiting for a job offer starting 6am in the morning)
With the collaborative effort of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Yunnan Heart to Heart Community Care Service Centre (H2H), the project responses to the call for a more sustainable social work intervention model over the conventional social service in coping with the rapid emerging of rural-urban interface communities. Launched in 2016 and with its base in Wangjiaqiao community in Kunming, the Asset-based Community Development of Migrant-Local Community Project aims to tackle the issues with a cultural integrated asset-based community development1 (ABCD) approach of building an inclusive community2.

1   Asset-based community development (Kretzmann & McKnight, 1993)


China Social Work Project Fund
for Projects on Practice-Research-Teaching (2017-2021)

Practice research training workshop at one of the project sites (Inner Mongolia, 2019)
China Social Work Project Fund has entered into its phase II in 2017 with the keen support of Keswick Foundation. It aims to support China-based projects in professional social work practice research, with basis on solid research methodology and strong rationales to integrate theory and practice, feasible service and practice content followed by appropriate evaluations. Projects are conducted in service sites or practice outlets in China, serving deprived and vulnerable groups or communities, which benefit the growth and development of them.

Aligned with the vision of the Foundation to impact on specific areas, 10 projects launched across the country are dynamics, covering services from a family perspective for ethnic minority, low income families, children, mental health, youth offender and people with physical disability challenges.

Nurturing New Generation of Social Work Teachers in China

Conference on Mental Health at Xiamen University (Jan 2020)
The project is in response to the foreseeable challenges of the new generation of social work teachers in the journey of professionalization of social work in China. With our grounded experience on the platform of China and Global Development Network and the partnership with Peking University (PKU) through PKU-PolyU China Social Work Research Centre, we affirm that social work profession is an integration of education, research and practice. It aims to nurture new generation of social work educators in China who will take up the leadership role in social work development with the competencies to be a practice-researcher and practice-educator.

Key bases and themes

1. Xiamen: Mental Health
2. Kunming: Rural and ethnic minorities
3. Xian: Children, youth and families
4. Shanghai: Elderly