Lam Woo Project

The Lam Woo China Social Work Training and Development Fund

The Lam Woo China Social Work Traiing and Development Fund was founded in 2009 in response to the rapid development and demands of social work professionals in China. Run by Peking University-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Social Work Research Centre, it is committed to alleviate the profession of China Social Work through The Lam Woo Distinguished Social Work Awards and national wide social work trainings.

The Lam Woo Distinguished Social Work Awards – the impact

The Lam Woo Distinguished Social Work Awards reward the scholars, students and practitioners who have contributions to China Social Work education, practice and research. Awardees are selected anonymously with prudent reviews by a panel of social work academics, professionals and policy makers from Hong Kong and China. It has earned its reputation and become an influential awards highly recognized by the government, social work academia and practitioners in the field. It plays a role in demonstrating how to promote social work profession. By 2019, it has awarded 14 social work service projects, 28 social work practicum programs, 28 students and 10 scholars. It has also organized 3 overseas study tours of over 60 delegates and 9 national training conferences with international and local speakers drawing the attention of over 3000 participants.

The Awards include:

Distinguished Social Work Scholar Award
Distinguished Social Work Student Award
Distinguished Social Work Practicum Award
Distinguished Social Work Service Project Award

2019 Lam Woo Distinguished Social Work Awards Selection Panel and Guests

Dr. Chen Muhua " The Hong Kong Builders Behind Sun Yat-sen"
陳慕華醫生著 "林護--孫中山背後的香港建築商"